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Full Day Movement Workshop

13th March 2022 10am – 5pm

Join us for a day that focuses on you, your health and wellbeing.

The day is a balanced mix of dance, choreography, yoga and socialising in the relaxing surroundings of Wytham Village Hall. You can be sure that there’ll be something for everyone, yet be prepared that it will both stretch and challenge your physical and creative muscles. We’ll work hard, and we’ll relax hard!

This mini-retreat includes a yoga warm-up, a dance class, choreography, myofascial release, improvisation, a creative session, and yoga nidra to cool down. Please be aware that the workshop is open to all levels, yet parts of the day will require you to learn routines, and set steps and choreographic sequences. Some people will be more used to that than others, yet this is a non-judgemental environment – so just come and have fun. Try it out!

Bring your own lunch and we’ll end the day with cake and hot drinks together.

Get rid of the stresses of life with a salve for the body and soul.

“I loved it. The ambiance was great, Anja and Roosa are amazing and so inspiring – I could have watched them dance all day! – I felt really free to express myself in the movement and got to experience a professional day of dancing.” (Laura, participant)

Further Workshops on Sunday 8 May & 10 July

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