Powerful, moving and thought-provoking theatre, that seeks to raise awareness of socially relevant issues, inspired by true accounts of social injustice.Through a variety of elements cleverly and skilfully woven together, it engages and entertains audiences, while bringing the message across in a vivid, challenging and impacting way.
Justice in Motion creates theatre that can be truly enjoyed for its artistic craftsmanship and performance, but which also tackles an uncomfortable reality in society which exists beyond the eye catching headlines.
Our aim is not to give answers, but to invite the audience onto an intense and riveting roller-coaster that allows them to connect with an issue directly and personally, through sensitivity, light touches of humour and glimpses of hope and resilience.

Justice in Motion combines physical theatre, dance, multimedia, circus, storytelling, music and strong visual imagery to take a timely, courageous and thoughtful look at hard to portray issues.

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