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Tonight, there’s a pub quiz and the winner gets a cash prize.

With just a table, chairs and glasses, four performers peel away the layers to uncover the real meaning of poverty.

There are currently nearly 700 million people living in poverty. This doesn’t just mean they are poor. There are other necessities they are lacking. This could be food, fuel, sanitation, healthcare, clean water, education, a means of employment or a roof over their heads.

Written by Gareth Cook, this short piece, performed both live and for film, is an original and stimulating look at multidimensional poverty.

POVERTY ON THE TABLE was commissioned by OPHI (Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative).


Multi-dimensional Poverty Index


Multi-dimensional Poverty Index

Devising Performers
Alexander Luttley
Daisy Morris
Anja Meinhardt
Josh Ward

Film Maker
Ben Johnston

Gareth Cook

Composer & Sound Designer
Jon Ouin

Miranda Laurence

Artistic Director
Anja Meinhardt

Costume Designer
Suzie Burlton

Ben Johnston, John Cairns

“engaged deeply with the subject matter”

“It was wonderful to watch this topic brought into focus through theatre. The team clearly engaged deeply with the subject matter. I watched the performance a few times and got something new from it each time. Fantastic job.”

Natasha Francis (OPHI) of Poverty on the Table

“A careful and well-thought out balance”

“It was engaging, energetic and, in terms of content, direct whilst not over-the-top. Striking a careful and well-thought out balance. I very much enjoyed the performance!”

Audience member at Poverty on the Table

“polished and thought-provoking piece”

“A very polished and thought-provoking piece. It was easy to watch, which is a relief as much of the contemporary dance world is frankly arty twaddle.”

Audience member at Poverty on the Table


15 May 2015 – Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

10 June 2015 – Magdalen College, Oxford