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Human nature can be destructive. Sometimes emotions can be in conflict – between a couple and even in yourself. A recently returned soldier meets a girl he used to know. Their meeting is a torment to them both in different ways. Love and rejection; desire and shame; hope and regret.

If society has a clear distinction between good and bad, right and wrong, is the separation as marked in the human heart?

With aerial cocoon, sound, space, storytelling and physical theatre, we see the reality of abuse, grief, guilt and forgiveness.

Commissioned by Dancin’ Oxford and Pegasus.

Devising Performers
Tanner Efinger
Anja Meinhardt

Film Maker & Animator
Tom Wilkinson

May Olivier

Composer & Sound Designer
Flannery Cunningham

Euton Daley

Artistic Director
Anja Meinhardt

“Provocative piece”

Provocative piece which refused a simple black and white view.

Ana Barbour (Oxford Dance Writers)


24 January 2015 – Pegasus, Oxford (Scratch Night)

27 & 28 February 2015 – Pegasus, Oxford (Moving with the Times)

For Promoters

Would you be interested in working with us to develop this piece into a triptych? We’re looking for artistic and research partners to take the project further.

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