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How do we live with stress? Plasma investigates how our individuality is constrained and shaped by society and how it can be liberated in a frantic modern world.
Using abstract movement and interaction between dancers Plasma explores how one can express individuality positively, without destroying important social structures. Plasma shows how people are often alienated from their true values, because of the pressure exerted on them to conform to social norms.

We focus on researching and interpreting the external pressures that drive individual and social actions and the means that are used to enhance performance, for example, in sports, business, and healthcare. Through dance and multimedia, we look at what positive and negative effects pressure can have in an ever changing and increasingly demanding society.

“encapsulates the atmosphere of stressful, work driven society” Oxford Dance Writers

Dancers (original)
Monica Mate Arnall
Caroline Shephard
Anja Meinhardt
Roosa Leimu-Brown
Lisa Pocock
Irini Hatzimichali

Dancers (in further performances)
Hara Kyriazo
Amabel Luers
Bronwyn Tarr
Gemma Peramiquel


Anja Meinhardt & Roosa Leimu-Brown

Music (6′ piece)
Kimmo Pohjonen & Kronos Quartet

Composer & Sound Designer (25′ piece)
Jon Ouin

Lighting Designer
Ophelie Lebrasseur

Stu Allsopp


22 January 2016 – Pegasus, Oxford (Scratch Night)

26 & 27 February 2016 – Pegasus, Oxford (Moving with the Times)

16 July 2016 – Old Fire Station Oxford (Women go Live)

1 September 2016 – Old Fire Station, Oxford

28 October 2016 – The Broadway, Barking

12 November 2016 – The Old Museum, Oxford

26 November 2016 – St Barts, Reading