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KAIHO – Finnish word for longing and nostalgia.


We join Finnish tango band Uusikuu to celebrate the centenary of Finland’s independence. KAIHO // the state in between, is about the lives and experiences of expatriate women.

Contemporary dance and live vintage music blend together to explore movement across borders.

More people than ever are moving away from their countries of birth, whether voluntarily or not. We look at the reasons for leaving, the challenges of living in a new culture and how parallel identities evolve over time.

The motivations for moving or staying may have changed. The emotions, and kaiho, the very essence of longing, may well be timeless.

We want to promote thoughtful discussion on the topic. The forced movement of people can evoke negative responses. In parallel, choosing to move can be positive and inspiring.

In our multi-cultural society, this is an opportunity to reflect.

Choreographers / Dancers
Roosa Leimu-Brown
Anja Meinhardt

Associate Director
Emma Webb

Laura Ryhänen

Violin / Vocals
Mikko Kuisma

Norbert Bremes

Christoph Neuhaus

Film Makers
Ryan C. Quarterman, Ben Johnston, Dzesika Cvetanov

Costume Design
Suzanne Burlton

David Fisher

“Blown away”

I was completely blown away by the experience. It is one of the most exciting pieces I have seen in several years.

Audience member


4 November 2016 – Linacre College, Oxford

3 February 2017 – Pegasus, Oxford (Scratch Night)

4 February 2017 – Tea House Theatre, London (open mic)

25 February 2017 – Tea House Theatre, London (Nordic Festival)

10 & 11 March 2017 – Pegasus, Oxford (Moving with the Times)

15 June 2017 – Musiikkitalo, Helsinki (Suomi 100 Maailmalla Konsertti)


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