Parkour and theatre blended into an exciting outdoor show

A breath-taking, stunning, engaging piece that marries theatre and parkour in inspiring new ways.

Imagine the energy and excitement of athletic choreography on a parkour ‘construction site’. ON EDGE tells a moving, stimulating story. Slavery exists today: under our noses; within our communities; outside our knowledge.

“On Edge is a physically demanding and exhilarating performance with a lyrical beauty combined with some heart-stopping parkour moves.” Gourmet gigs

At each location we arrive with a parkour park set erected for community use. Join the team before the show to learn ‘how to’ and explore the freedom of moving with ease around the parkour park.

We offer workshops to local school and community groups on physical theatre, storytelling and parkour. These range from short taster sessions to longer residencies that can lead to a curtain raiser.

ON EDGE is supported by Without Walls, and commissioned by Brighton Festival and Out There Festival of International Street Arts and Circus.

Inspired by joy. Informed by truth. Sustained by hope.

Devising Performers
Daniel Rejano
George Mayfield
Hector Emerson
Miles Kearley
Kevin Ryser
Michael Lynch
Luke Aquilina
Thomas Rodriguez
Luke Chadwick-Jones

Artistic Director & Dramaturg
Anja Meinhardt

Associate Director
Chris Evans (Gecko Theatre)

Associate Director (R&D phase)
Pawel Szkotak (Teatr Biuro Podróży)

Rehearsal Director
Luke Chadwick-Jones

Set Designer & Construction
David Marmet & Phil Goldney

Composer & Sound Designer
Quentin Lachapele

Production Designer
Olivia Altaras

Costume Maker
Georgia Smithers

Production Manager
Niall Gordon

Stage Manager
Dene Elliott

Graphic Designer
Brace Design

Film Maker
Michael Lynch, Luke Chadwick-Jones & Ben Johnston

David Fisher, Michael Lynch, Stu Allsopp, Jen O’Brien, Dave Flynn, Sean Pollock & Stevy Ilabaca

“A powerful testament to a challenging issue”

The work is a powerful testament to a challenging issue that many people have no awareness exists right at their doorsteps. The ensemble performance was dynamic and kinetic, demonstrating a real directorial ability to bring performers together both physically and emotionally. This was translated to the audience who sat there in rapture during the entire production, riveted by both the narrative and the tempo which never ceased to infatuate and provoke.

R.M. Sanchez (Co-founder, Social Art Network)

“Brilliant way to raise awareness”

Heart touching, easily understood and brilliant way to raise awareness to most ages.

Audience member

“Emotional and eye-opening”

Hard-hitting, emotional and eye-opening.

Audience member

“Exhilarating performance”

A physically demanding and exhilarating performance with a lyrical beauty combined with some heart-stopping parkour moves.

Olivia (Gourmet Gigs)


Due to Covid-19, all our touring plans for 2020 had to be cancelled. We will be touring ON EDGE again in 2021, and are currently taking bookings. If you are interested in booking the show please contact us by email on

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