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Research is an essential part of making our shows. Our aim is to raise awareness about social injustice. We do this through powerful, thought-provoking and visually stunning performances. We want to inspire debate and action, so that positive social change can happen.

For each of our projects we carry out rigorous research. We often work with charities, academics and business partners. With them we can discover hidden truths about some of society’s most troubling concerns.

We use our research to explore these issues and how they affect people and society. We look at case studies, listen to workers on the front line and read reports by academics and charities. 

In our shows, strong characters are built, based on true accounts. We are inspired by the research, to tell the stories of those who suffer injustice. In sharing them with the public, we aim to help everyone make a difference.

Inspiring Change

Our shows raise questions so we also provide information to help you find out more. Research and business partners talk about the issues in programmes, post-show discussions, blogs and podcasts. You can hear from experts and frontline workers about the real impact of social injustice. You get facts, figures, contacts, apps and signposts. We give you the tools to find out how you, personally, can make a difference. We are one link in the chain of justice alongside charities, policymakers, lawyers and others.

Using Evidence

We work closely with partners on the development of our productions. Throughout the rehearsal process we invite frontline workers and research partners in and pick their brains. We listen to their evidence and offer them an opportunity to view the work-in-progress. They make sure it is an accurate portrayal of a human story that is appropriate and sensitive to the subject. In all our shows we use rigorous research. We are inspired by case studies, academic papers and true experiences.

Driving passion

We’ve been making shows about social injustice since the day we started, out of a passionate concern to make a difference. We bring social issues to life through strong, physical and visual storytelling. We can help turn the issues you care about into a powerful campaign for positive change. Dynamic and engaging performance has a lasting effect on audiences, inspiring them to share the message and act with energy. Would you like us to work with you?

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