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Justice in Motion has a big ambition for 2022. We are raising funds to launch an exciting new education programme offering amazing experiences for young people and communities.

Watch the video below and support our programme.

Our team will use parkour theatre techniques to support physical, mental and creative health. Our programme will challenge perceptions, start conversations and provide a platform for creativity.

We want to encourage people who can’t normally take part, because of cost or social barriers, to get involved in our projects:


  • activities and performances created with young people and inspired by parkour
  • a training and learning programme for a new generation of artists and athletes
  • tailored workshops for schools with supporting resources for teachers, students and parents
  • creative residencies for communities and schools bringing together movement, storytelling and a connection between people and their environment
Can you help us reach our goal?
Any donations made towards our programme can make an enormous difference.
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How you can support us all year around

Keep up to date with our activities by joining the mailing list and sharing the news with your friends and family. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to sign up.

Become a Friend of Justice in Motion and give a one off donation, or donate regularly – anything you give will be really helpful. You can even donate while you are shopping at no cost to yourself.

Working in partnership with organisations

We want to spread the word about social injustices as widely as possible. As a businesses you can help us reach far more people by supporting our productions, or the company as a whole with financial and in-kind sponsorship. Your support can help make a production come to life, see it tour further afield or develop resources for schools, community groups and other organisations.

With charities and other organisations we carry out extensive research to highlight issues of social injustice. The results are exciting and engaging performances that capture the imaginations and hearts of a wider public.

We have successfully taken our performances into workplaces, conferences and other locations. We can provide speakers at talks, conferences and debates. Talk to us about your requirements and how we can work together.

“A powerful testament to a challenging issue”

The work is a powerful testament to a challenging issue that many people have no awareness exists right at their doorsteps. The ensemble performance was dynamic and kinetic, demonstrating a real directorial ability to bring performers together both physically and emotionally. This was translated to the audience who sat there in rapture during the entire production, riveted by both the narrative and the tempo which never ceased to infatuate and provoke.

R.M. Sanchez (Co-founder, Social Art Network)

“Precisely what the arts should do”

“This is precisely what the arts should do, bring the audience in as a partner and invite system changes within the structures that surround us.”

R.M. Sanchez-Camus, Social Art Network

“Spreading the message”

Having the situation where it’s happening in front of you, then a discussion afterwards was a great way to change perspective and encourage a different way of thinking. Spreading the message.

Audience member

“Presenting a window”

It is anything but pretentious, presenting a window one might not choose to look through in a way that makes one glad they did.

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Current Supporters

Thanks to all our current supporters. Your belief in us and our work means so much. We are immensely grateful.

Massive thanks go to:

Xtrax, Cornerstone Arts Centre, Oxford Dance Forum, Oxfordshire Theatre Makers, Oxford Vineyard Church, Pointe The Way Ballet School, Oxford Playhouse Evolve programme, Arts Council England, Oxford City Council, OxLEP, The Chartered Institute of Building, Constructing Excellence, Lucy Group101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space and Out There Arts for their ongoing support to us and for endorsing our work.

Many thanks also to our dedicated Prayer Team and our trustees who continuously have our backs and to all our family of supporters who through their financial contributions ensure that we can continue to create amazing work.