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27th March 2015

FREAK – our first Fundraising event devised, rehearsed and led by Tanner Efinger, our producer at the time.

“An enchanting evening of cabaret and performance. Come and explore the obscure through story, mime and song, as we befriend the lonely and investigate the dark to find the light in all of us.”

…an old fairground awakens to life as audiences enter the venue and are welcomed by the concierge that lead through the evening. At the snip of his finger all characters come to life, the music begins and the ground brims with excitement and energy. We are invited onto a journey trough different ‘Freak characters’ we encounter in history and discover the true stories behind their label.

We raised nearly £700 that night which we used towards paying to register with the Charities Commission as we aim to be come a fully fledged CIO (charitable incorporated organisation) by end of 2015.

The evening was supported amazingly by The Jericho Tavern and we received a phenomenal amount of Raffle Prizes as well as deliciously baked goods for our Cake Sale.

Thanks so much to everyone that came, donated, ate, performed and spread the word – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Anja Meinhardt

Artistic Director