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Researching Crawling around like a wild animal Juggling Making bath bombs Clapping a clapperboard Writing Shouting at the top of my lungs Discussing politics in Outdoor Theatre Guillotining questionnaires Practicing my rusty German
Anja Meinhardt
Conducting interviews Climbing scaffolding …are just a few of the many wonderful things I have had the opportunity to do as part of my internship with Justice in Motion. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve alongside Anja Meinhardt and the Justice in Motion team. I have found Anja to be particularly inspiring in the passionate hard work she puts in daily, the sacrifices she makes for the work and the generous way in which she loves and supports those working alongside her. Possibly I could spend the next paragraphs deep in philosophical reverie thinking about the connection between theatre and justice and what I have discovered about myself in the process. Instead I have decided to write 20 lessons that I have learned during my time here in order to satisfy the numerically and logistically inclined among us:
Kevin Ryser
  1. Parkours athletes can actually act.
  2. You can get a lot done in one day.
  3. Filming is frustrating.
  4. Awareness can bring societal change.
  5. Sometimes £10k is a lot of money and sometimes it’s a drop in the ocean.
  6. Somehow despite the chaos everything seems to work out.
  7. Staring into another person’s eyes for 5 minutes is uncomfortable and life giving.
  8. A set made of scaffolding can become an enemy.
  9. Prayer is powerful.
  10. The most balls ever juggled is 14.
  11. Positive attitudes can change an entire show.
  12. Slavery is everywhere.
    George Mayfield and Michael Lynch
  13. Playing is an important part of rehearsal.
  14. Theatre companies drive around a lot.
  15. There is a place called Great Yarmouth.
  16. Networking opens doors.
  17. Theatre is more than entertainment.
  18. You best learn from failure not success.
  19. Humans are the most terrible and wonderful beings on the planet.
  20. Laughter is important in the midst of darkness.
Thank you Justice in Motion for the time, the learning and the joy. Yours truly for the final time, Johnny Steinegger Internship, Justice in Motion Intern
Gill Jaggers

Marketing Manager