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Recent events have shocked and saddened us, as the very real pain and suffering in our society has come to the surface.
To the members of our immediate and extended communities, we want you to know that we see you. We love you. We care. Black Lives Matter.

At Justice in Motion of course we care deeply about social justice. Yet we too, have been ignorant and oblivious to the real extent of racial inequality and discrimination in the UK, and for that we are sorry.

Inspired and moved by the #BlackLivesMatter movement we have been asking ourselves “what part do we play in perpetuating inequality, and how can we do things better?”

The murder of George Floyd has brought to the world’s attention the need for real change in addressing structural racism and inequality. It is our role to recognise and challenge oppression, racism and injustices that matter to our communities and audiences. It is time we take a more active stand and become true allies of our Black brothers and sisters.

As Angela Davies said “It is not enough to be non-racist, we need to be anti-racist.”

We know the arts have the power to unite, to expose and heal deeply ingrained wrongs, which is why we do what we do. Awareness, education and action is vital. We need to listen to those that are affected. We need to examine our own attitudes, behaviours and perspectives. We need to address it, and make changes within our spheres of influence.

At Justice in Motion we are committed to equality and ensuring that all people feel welcome, supported and respected, no matter their background, skin colour, or ability. And so we will be more intentional, and take concrete decisions that will further improve equality, diversity and inclusivity within our own organisation.

We will start at the top and look to appoint new trustees, inviting applications especially from Black, Asian and ethnically diverse people, as well as going forwards recruit for our board and management with more diversity on mind. We will redouble our efforts to recruit Black, Asian and ethnically diverse artists for new projects, and offer placements to young Black, Asian and ethnically diverse people at the start of their careers.

Indeed – in the weeks, months and years ahead, we will learn, reflect, and scrutinise our own thinking. We will educate ourselves and others. We will actively support Black, Asian and ethnically diverse artists.
We will speak up, and accept that we might get it wrong sometimes – yet saying nothing is not an option.

Anja Meinhardt
Artistic Director

We are part of the Oxford Cultural Anti-racism Alliance.

Anja Meinhardt

Artistic Director