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Over the last year, along with everyone else, we’ve had quite a few challenges and thought long and hard about what we do and how.

It’s been fruitful. We’ve continued to be creative, collaborating with other artists. Our Moving Together project grew into something much bigger with more impact than we could have anticipated.

But (and there’s always a but) we were really disappointed that ON EDGE couldn’t go out on tour over the summer. We’d been working all year to make it happen and it wasn’t to be. We weren’t able to rehearse together, festivals were being called off and we had no idea when things would change.

Well now we’re being decidedly upbeat and have been busy preparing for the new year in 2021. ON EDGE will tour! If we can raise the funds.

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is an annual event taking place over only 8 days in December. It’s an opportunity to get public support behind your project and increase the value with a pledge pot, doubling donations. You may have noticed a period during the summer when we sent out appeals to create our pledge pot and now we’re fully in our campaign proper.

So if you, or anyone you know, would help us reach our goal of raising £4,300, now is the time to commit. And how about we even exceed that goal?

Donations made up to 8th December can be doubled in value. (We may even be in with a chance to win a Christmas Challenge Award). 

All this will help get ON EDGE on tour and raising awareness about modern slavery in our communities. It affects so many people and yet costs so little to be involved.

You can donate before 8th December here:

Gill Jaggers

Marketing Manager