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Sharing a story, based on true accounts, giving an audience an interactive experience that punches through arid facts and figures, is a highly memorable way of raising awareness about some of society’s most troubling issues.

Oxford locals will have been aware of the TEDxOxford conference in January this year. Among the distinguished speakers was our very own Artistic Director, Anja Meinhardt. She talked about how Justice in Motion uses research, case studies and the valuable insight from front line workers who support victims of injustice, to create our unique performances. The aim is not just to make more people aware of the problems, but also to get people to act upon them.

As the Chinese adage puts it:

“When I hear it I forget it. When I see it I remember it. When I do it I know it.”

You can watch her talk, ‘A Movement To Move You’, right here.

Gill Jaggers

Marketing Manager