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In these unique applied theatre workshops we support groups in exploring social justice issues such as modern slavery. These full day or shorter sessions offer in-depth education through a creative approach.

Through a stimulating mixture of performance, information, discussion, practical advice, and through the safety of created characters (e.g. victim, bystander, perpetrator), theatrical elements and group work – this training is structured around identification, enhanced understanding and empowerment.

The sessions, led by our artistic director, trained facilitators and experts within the field, is about shifting attitudes, bringing awareness and training to react appropriately. We will be taking people on a journey for example from Resistance, Obliviousness & Denial… to Empathy and Confidence to act. Each set of aims and objectives use a different pathway and journey designed for the participants.

This sessions are focused on experiential training and a rounded exploration of certain topics. We can develop a programme to suit your needs around the following topics:

  • Modern Slavery
  • Migration
  • Loneliness
  • Knife Crime
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