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Theatre, Old Fire Station, 40 George Street, Oxford OX1 2AQ

Vintage tango band Uusikuu (meaning: new moon) from Finland, co-creators of the production ‘KAIHO’, perform a live lunchtime concert in the OFS theatre. The band calls their style “Vintage Sounds of Finland.” The small orchestra tours Europe, and together they show that Finns not only invented the tango, but also master the wild humppa, that they love the dreamy waltzes as much as the sophisticated swing. World music elements, jazz influences, and singer Laura Ryhänen’s sometimes cheeky, sometimes ironic stories make the evening a roller coaster ride of emotions. James Geier on guitar and Florian Dohrmann on double bass add rhythm, colour and cool attitude that complete the unique Uusikuu sound.

‘Like a live gramophone on a glorious midsummer eve.’ (WDR Radio)

‘Wonderful and mysterious. Like a soundtrack to an Aki Kaurismäki film.’ (Folker)

They recently won the Best World Music Album at the German Rock & Pop Awards 2023.

Tickets £12 (pay less)/£14/£16 (pay more)

This event is programmed as part of the 10 Years in Motion – Exhibition