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Whether you’re a business, a school, or any organisation, our unique team-building days are an excellent opportunity to deepen relationships within your team, build confidence, enhance communication, trust and understanding.

Tailored to groups of adults, this day supports your team in solving problems, exploring particular topics, and aligning goals, whilst improving listening skills, expression, and creativity.

Led by our artistic director and trained facilitators, we will guide you through applied theatre techniques, skills development, and fun engagement activities.

Collaborative working, as well as self-reflection are part of the day, as well as overcoming fears and obstacles both on their own, and together. This day will support everyone’s physical & mental wellbeing in fun and creative ways.

We can deliver bespoke sessions around:

  • Our Parkour Park
  • Physical Theatre
  • Movement


“I loved the whole day. It was really well structured and the pace was just right. I felt connected again in a way I hadn’t felt in a long time.” (participant)

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