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Chainsaws humming like bees,

Sawdust and splinters blistering our palms,

I wonder if they will pay me today.

Heat closing around us,

Sweat blinding our eyes,

When did I last have some water?

Cries and warnings echoing in the forest,

Trees falling like tired bodies onto a bed,

One tree fell on my friend,

I can still remember the panic on his face as it fell,

Another tree crashed beside me shaking the ground for a moment,

Will I be next?

They dragged his broken, crushed body away in one direction,

They dragged the huge Angelim tree in the other,

The human body was tossed into a pit in the ground,

The tree body was placed on the back of a truck,

Neither of them needed or deserved to die but they did,

My friend’s body would feed the worms of the ground,

The tree’s body would feed the consumerism of humanity,

Again a tree crashed beside me,

And two thoughts crossed my mind I wonder if they will pay me today and I wonder if I’m next.

Gill Jaggers

Marketing Manager