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There’s no doubt that Moving Together took us by surprise.

When we started out with anthropologist Dr. Bronwyn Tarr, we were planning a series of in person workshops through 2019 and 2020 to discover how movement and music might help people deal with loneliness.

Talking with members of the Archway Foundation, a charity that works with people who struggle with chronic loneliness, we explored ideas of loneliness and connection finding words, ideas and sensations that expressed them. Just we were to start working on movement with participants, Covid 19 arrived and we all had to get used to being apart.

“It was a dance project for a film. I wasn’t expecting it to have an impact on my own wellbeing”


But destiny actually gave us an opportunity to do something even more powerful. Separated by screens and phones on calls and Zoom meetings we continued with the project. We ran through 2020 and into 2021 working with the Archway Foundation and later with RAF Benson staff, officers, volunteers and family members. In all we made 42 short video, all choreographed, set to specially composed music then filmed and edited ready to be sent to the participants – an interpretation of their words in interviews and most especially – a gift.

“I didn’t know you could make something so beautiful out of something that was so dark for me”


In a series of interviews, the people involved – members of the company as well as participants – share the impact that this process has had on them.

Gill Jaggers

Marketing Manager