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Making our shows more accessible is something we’ve been researching for a while and while we can’t pretend that we’ve cracked the whole nut, we’ve come a little closer with our latest tour of ON EDGE.

We’ve been working with a company called Vocaleyes that produces audio descriptions for performances so that people who are blind or visually impaired can enjoy and get as much out of the experience as possible.

What is theatre audio description?

An audio described performance helps anyone with a visual impairment to attend a show with friends, family or alone and get an equal experience to sighted audience members. It is a live or recorded commentary that describes the visual elements of the performances as the show unfolds. It includes any actions that play a role in the story as well as a description of the style and design of the production, facial expressions, visual gags and other things that a blind or visually impaired audience member might miss.

The description is delivered and broadcast using infrared, radio or WiFi to special lightweight headsets that the audience member wears.

Anyone with a visual impairment attending ON EDGE will be able to get a headset from the company before the show starts from the sound desk, which is situated near the performance area under a gazebo.

All shows in the tour from September onwards will be audio described. If you or someone you know requires the service, let us know by emailing

Gill Jaggers

Marketing Manager