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Over on our Instagram TV channel the amazing ON EDGE company, responsible for creating and performing the show, are appearing in a series of one-to-one interviews.

Each member of the team, from performers and stage crew to composers and designers, comes from a different background and here they give their personal insight into taking ON EDGE on the road.

Ever wanted to know what an audition is like? And how about performing? Interested in the backstage view? Hear them talk about their whole journey from rehearsal to touring.

Our rehearsal process is intense and really delves deep into the subjects we are exploring, our performances are passionate and physical. Everyone opens up about their experiences and how they deal with the different aspects including story making, character building, the emotional impact, the physical impact and more.

All talk about how supportive the Justice in Motion community is and how important that is. Today they are such good friends they stay in regular contact even when they are not performing.

Meet them over on IGTV


Gill Jaggers

Marketing Manager