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Maryna's story

30th November 2023
A Very Modern Famous Dancing Group It’s not a story with a happy end. It’s a very, very sad one. My mum died on the same date, at thesame time, as the war began. My world was broken, I lost everything. I travelled through ten countries attending rallies for Ukraine before I came ...

Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities celebration performance

21st September 2023
We were thrilled to be chosen as one of a handful of local arts organisation to perform at the Foundation Celebration, a milestone event in the building of Oxford University‘s new Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities on Tuesday 19th September 2023. The Schwarzman Centre Set to be ...

The Big Give Christmas Challenge

04th December 2020
Over the last year, along with everyone else, we’ve had quite a few challenges and thought long and hard about what we do and how. It’s been fruitful. We’ve continued to be creative, collaborating with other artists. Our Moving Together project grew into something much bigger with more impact ...

Passionate People Wanted

26th October 2020
Although this may seem like a strange time to be recruiting for an arts organisation, this is a perfect moment for us to be adding skills and breadth to our board of trustees. We are a passionate organisation. Our focus is on the social injustices we see around us. We use our creativity and ...