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Miles Kearley

Performer, Teacher

Miles is a UK and Latin American based dancer, performer, teacher and choreographer. He graduated with a BA in Contemporary Dance from ‘The Professional School of Dance, Mazatlan’ in Mexico and is doing a Masters at London Contemporary Dance School.

As a dancer he has worked with a variety of companies and collectives including enNingúnlugar collective (Mexico), Justice in Motion (UK), Delfos Danza Contemporánea Company (Mexico), La Intrusa (Spain), El Departamento Coreografico (Colombia).

As a dance teacher, Miles aims to take a holistic approach to his teaching, bringing together elements from different dance styles and movement practices. He aims to train a capable and adaptable body that can approach movement from a variety of angles, whilst exploring different dance dynamics to allow the body to adopt a range of movement qualities within a musical and rhythmic consciousness. He encourages dancers to express movement from a personal place, activating our creative spirit and building a collective atmosphere.

Miles teaches some of our contemporary dance classes was a performer/choreographer in MOVING TOGETHER and a performer in ON EDGE. He is Youth Company Director for CODE.